ETN Radio Player

【免費音樂App】ETN Radio Player-APP點子

ETN official radio player brings to your Android device both trance and house channels so you can listen to them wherever you are as long as you have an Internet connection.


+ Trance and House streams with two bandwitchs to select (256k and 128k).

+ Works on 3G and WiFi. Won't work on low bandwitch networks tho.

+ Ability to reconnect and recover stream if network is lost or changed (i.e. you arrive home and network switches from 3G to WiFi).

【免費音樂App】ETN Radio Player-APP點子

+ Low battery drain.

+ Info about current song and connection progress.

+ Stream can go on in background.

+ Notification so you can go back to app if needed.

【免費音樂App】ETN Radio Player-APP點子

+ Volume auto drops down if needed (i.e. incoming call).

+ Social integration with Twitter and Facebook. Also link to ETN homepage.

Please note that if you are on a 3G connection listening to this radio for a long while can suck your data plan dry (256 kbps... you do the maths). It's recommended to use WiFi wherever it's available.

If you find any errors or something it's not working as intented please contact developer, thanks.

Enjoy your fave trance channels :)

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