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Important note for all our apps


Please try "Earth and Space-Free" app before you buy any of our paid versions of apps. The Free app will help level set the expectations about your device compatibility and performance for our apps before you buy them. Also note that once installed, you would need a internet connection to run the simulations.

About this App -

【免費教育App】Earth & Space-APP點子


The apps from Actual Concepts are designed to provide education through fun. There are 2 versions of this App - Earth & Space free version , Earth & Space. The free version of the App contains 2 simulations for free for the users to get a feel for the content.

This App helps in interactively exploring Earth and Space using real time simulations. The simulations are highly touch enabled and are designed game-like so that people would love to play around with the simulations and at the same time can gain a deeper understanding of Space science concepts.

The simulations in this App are 3D like and are designed very carefully to support multiple view points of the Earth-Sun-Moon system (Top view, Side view, Orthogonal view etc., wherever necessary). Suppose Earth is moved in top view, then its position also changes in side view correspondingly, thereby providing a very helpful & visual clarity of motion of these heavenly bodies from different views.

Touch the Moon, Earth or Planets to control and maneuver them to understand how the motions of these heavenly bodies cause seasons on earth, Tide formations etc.,

Unlike most of the apps on Space & Earth that are present out there, this App offers lot of simulations which are real time and highly touch enabled to play around with. This App is a must for your reference library if you are space enthusiast.

The simulation name and the activity that can be done on the simulation are briefed below -

1. Order of Planets in Solar System - You can place the planets in the correct order from Sun. If they are placed in correct order, they rotate! Play and Learn!

2. Earth-Sun and Moon System - You can manually set the duration for the Earth or Moon to rotate. See why it takes 28 days for the Moon to rotate around Earth,

【免費教育App】Earth & Space-APP點子

How many times Moon rotates around Earth in a Year etc., Very interesting activities.

3. Causes of Seasons - See the Earth rotate in a 3 dimensional view and practically understand how seasons are formed at different poles.

4. Phases of the Moon - Step by Step you can touch and control the Phases of the Moon by rotating the Moon around the Earth.

【免費教育App】Earth & Space-APP點子

5. Earth's rotation - Observe how Day and Night on Earth are formed

6. Lunar Eclipse - Find out how it appears from different parts of Earth? How is this formed? - Touch the moon to simulate Lunar Eclipse!

7. Solar Eclipse - How it appears from different parts of Earth? How is this formed? - Simulate and learn!

【免費教育App】Earth & Space-APP點子

8. Do you know why a Lunar Eclipse cannot happen every full moon? - Understand it through this 3D simulation. Touch and rotate the Moon, Earth and find out yourself why it happens only on specific full moon days.

9. Ocean tides - Full moon/New moon - Do you know why there are spring tides and neap tides? You can touch and control the motion of moon and see how the ocean tides vary with the position of Moon - Real time simulation!

For Enthusiasts / Parents - Parents can use this app effectively to make your child practice and learn Science skills from these highly interactive & touch enabled game-like simulations that children would love to play with.

For Students - Students can perform the activities on the simulations presented on several figures.

【免費教育App】Earth & Space-APP點子

For Teachers - This app can be used as a classroom tool to supplement teaching that enhances productivity. This app boosts your classroom productivity & provides a fun filled lab experience in your classroom

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