Easy Battery Saver Pro

【免費工具App】Easy Battery Saver Pro-APP點子

Easy Battery Saver Pro application provides the best features to saves the battery time of your phone or your tablet. Whenever battery runs low or goes too much down then just tap the application to turn on the saving mode.

The main feature of the battery saving mode are as follows:

Turn On/Off the Wifi

Switching On/Off the Mobile Data

Switch On/Off the bluetooth

Turn On/Off the GPS

Switching On/Off the Airplane Mode

Managing the brightness of the device

Managing the screen timeout of the device

Specially provides notification when your device battery goes down

Status & Switcher Widgets (Different styles of widgets that allow you to turn ON the app with single tap. Easy and Faster to use!)

Charge Mode Details:

Fast Charge

Full Charge

Trickle Charge

Optimize Device:

Manual Power Options

Saver Recommendations (Optimize & Memory consumption apps)

Battery Details:

Current in mAH

Health Condition

Temperature in Celsius(ºC)

Voltage in mV

【免費工具App】Easy Battery Saver Pro-APP點子

Technology used

Plugged via USB or wall mount charger

Show Status if Charging or not charging

Task Killer Feature:

Display all the running apps with detailed memory, icon, update time, size

Kill the running task for power optimisation and memory consumption

Working as Memory Booster

App Settings:

Notification Status with charging Percentages

Start App on Charging

This app provides three types of Mode to save your battery when runs low.

1. Saving Mode: (Suggested to use in lowest Battery Status)

Brightness set to 10%

InActivate Wifi of the Device

Stand By time set to 15 seconds

2. Sleep Mode: (Suggested to use when you sleep)

Turn Off Call & SMS and turn ON the Flight Mode

Vibrations Off

Sound Off and mute the device.

Brightness set to 10%

3. Customised Mode

Easily customise all the modes depend on your usage to save Battery as much as you need.

Can adjust the battery saving setting freely depend on your need and usage.

【免費工具App】Easy Battery Saver Pro-APP點子

Can adjust wifi, bluetooth, vibration, sound, device brightness, synchronisation and stand by time.

【免費工具App】Easy Battery Saver Pro-APP點子

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