Easy Bubble Call Free

【免費生活App】Easy Bubble Call Free-APP點子

Tired of having to scroll through a list of contact numbers when trying to make a call to your friends or associates? Don't you wish there were an easy way to contact those you need without having to hassle? Well, now, with this new app, you can call right away with a simple touch of the screen!

【免費生活App】Easy Bubble Call Free-APP點子

Save the portraits of your family, friends, etc. and put them inside bubbles which float around your screen, ready to greet you every moment you want to use your phone. Just simply touch the bubble of who you want to call or text, and that's it! Save time and enjoy the unlimited pictures of your friends as a screensaver!

Easy, fast calling with a simple push of a bubble!

【免費生活App】Easy Bubble Call Free-APP點子

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