Easy Call Answer

【免費工具App】Easy Call Answer-APP點子

Easy Call Answer is the perfect app to make your life...well easier!

If you are cooking, driving, eating, or you just have dirty hands and are unable to pick up your phone just wave your hand over your phone and answer or disconnect the call!

Or, if you’re just feeling lazy to tap on the answer button, you could even just shake the phone to answer it! Yes…it’s that easy!

【免費工具App】Easy Call Answer-APP點子

Easy Call Answer has some cool features:

 Activate and deactivate the application with a single touch.

 Answer and disconnect calls by waving your hand over the phone screen – close to the where the phone camera is placed.

【免費工具App】Easy Call Answer-APP點子

 Answer calls with phone shake and disconnect them also with a shake.

 You can set the speaker to be enabled automatically when you answer a call.

Easy Call Answer is a cool must have app!

【免費工具App】Easy Call Answer-APP點子

Just be careful you use a smooth shake motion and not a jerky one for the app to work effectively.

【免費工具App】Easy Call Answer-APP點子

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