Easy Dreamweaver CS4 Training

【免費生產應用App】Easy Dreamweaver CS4 Training-APP點子

Learn Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 to manage your website in a few hours!

Are you ready for the CS4 version of Adobe Dreamweaver? Get a jumpstart by choosing the Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 training app. This is a completely self-contained, self-directed course that teaches you about the latest changes in the Dreamweaver Creative Suite right from the comfort of your home or office. Why go back to school to get Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 training when you can get an excellent course delivered right to your computer screen?

Whether you spend an hour, day, or week on one topic is up to you. Get real results with our training app anywhere, anytime.

Training App Outline:

Reviewing Web Terminology

1.1 Describing HTML, XHTML, DHTML

1.2 Describing Cascading Style Sheets

1.3 Reviewing New Scripting Capabilities

1.4 Reviewing Basic Protocol

Getting Started

2.1 Using the Welcome Screen

2.2 Reviewing the New Interface

2.3 Working with Panels

2.4 Using the Document Toolbar

2.5 Using the Applications Toolbar

Setting Up Your Environment

3.1 Working with Browsers and Live View

3.2 Setting Up a Site

3.3 Creating Supporting Folders

3.4 Adding Pages to Folders

3.5 Managing Your Site

Dreamweaver Basics

【免費生產應用App】Easy Dreamweaver CS4 Training-APP點子

4.1 Creating a Document and Preferences

4.2 Including Text

4.3 Managing Images

4.4 Managing Links

4.5 Reviewing Metatags

Working with Style Sheets

5.1 Overview of CSS Setup

5.2 Using the CSS Styles Panel

5.3 Managing Selectors

Layout Fundamentals

6.1 Creating Tables

6.2 Creating a Tableless Layout

6.3 Inserting and Importing Content

Working with Text

7.1 Establishing Margins, Padding and Line Height

7.2 Editing and Formatting Text

7.3 Using the Property Inspector

Introduction to Forms

8.1 Reviewing Form Basics

8.2 Adding Form Content

8.3 Submitting Your Form

【免費生產應用App】Easy Dreamweaver CS4 Training-APP點子

8.4 Adding Style

Works offline for study on the go.

【免費生產應用App】Easy Dreamweaver CS4 Training-APP點子

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