Easy Register (Pro)

【免費商業App】Easy Register (Pro)-APP點子

No Ads!!!

Perform lightning fast sales with this register pos system. Easy access to previous products, prices, customers and detailed receipts. The app tells you how to operate it as you go. Each action will show an alert message across the screen to tell you what to do next or what you have done.

- Add savable sales tax.

- Add percentage or amount based discounts

- Save your customers for easy access to them when they purchase more items.

- Send descriptive receipts to customers after the sale.

【免費商業App】Easy Register (Pro)-APP點子

- View your total sales.

- Add a description for your store that shows on every receipt.

- Save your products and their prices for faster sale processing.

Helpful Hints:

1) Pay attention to the yellow messages that appear after every button push. Helpful hints appear that show you what to do next or inform you of your last action.

2) Once you enter a product, the next time you try to sell it a drop down list will appear. Simply touch your product listing and it's name and price will appear on the screen.

【免費商業App】Easy Register (Pro)-APP點子

3) When you email a customer their receipt the receipt image is sent along with the message. The pre-made message notifies the user of the amount they spent, what they purchased and a thank you message from your store.

4) This app is free but requires internet so the ads can show. Besides the small banner at the bottom of the page ads only appear after each sale is completed or when you choose a new customer.

【免費商業App】Easy Register (Pro)-APP點子

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