Easy Voice Calculator FREE

【免費工具App】Easy Voice Calculator FREE-APP點子

A Calculator with speech input and output!

Only in English and German right now, so language of speech recognition and output must be set to English or German in the system settings.

These are the only languages officially tested and supported, but try experimenting with the language settings.

Easy to use:

- Start the app

【免費工具App】Easy Voice Calculator FREE-APP點子

- Speak into the mic

- Input (for checking) and result is shown

- if you click on the result text, it is spoken to you

FREE Version: contains ads

Full version: no ads

Words and phrases that are understood:

"plus", "and", "minus", "take away", "times", "divided by", "divide", "by", "squared", "square", "cubed", "cube", "to the power of", "to the", "power", "sine of", "cosine of", "sine", "cosine", all numbers and "point"...

So try to say "three thousand four hundred sixty-five point seven eight nine one times five point six times sine of two times 4 power 2" and it will calculate (in the mathematically correct order of course) the result!

If you want the result to be read, click on it.


For Text to speech (TTS) services to function properly, the device must have both the TTS engine and the appropriate language resource files. In some cases, the user must install the appropriate voice language resource files. The users can install TTS voice resources from the system settings at:

Settings, Voice input & output settings, Text-to-speech, Install Voice Data.

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