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EasySynth makes it fun to create, play and share your own synthesized musical instruments. With a combination of additive, subtractive, and even a touch of FM synthesis, EasySynth can emulate organs, pianos, guitars, flutes, trumpets and almost any other familiar instrument as well as create really bizarre synth sounds! For more details on all of the controls and what they do read the user guide at http://gallantrealm.com/UsingEasySynth.html.


- Three modes: monophonic, four note polyphonic or all four voices chorused together

- Chorus width adjustment for both smooth and rougher trance-style chorus

- Glide activated portamento for continuous glissandos

- 32 individually controllable harmonics to blend for immense sound possibilities

- Low pass, band pass, high pass, fade, comb and formant (voice-like) filter options

- Overdrive on the amp for good hard rock sounds

- Two modulators with extended range for ringing effects, sync for FM effects

- Modulator 1 can control pitch (for vibrato), amp (for tremelo), or filter (for wa-wa effects).

- Modulator 2 can also control Modulator 1's pitch or amplitude for 3 operator FM effects.

- Noise option on the modulator allows for all kinds of noises when blended with harmonic choices

【免費音樂App】EasySynth Synthesizer-APP點子

- 16-step arpeggiator to form small note sequences, optionally looping

- Stereo echo effect with flanging

- Controllable by an external MIDI keyboard (requires USB OTG support)

- Velocity control of volume, filter, or both. Velocity simulated by where you touch the key.

- Expression control for volume, filter, or vibrato. Expression controlled by sliding your finger up and down on the key.

- Hold option to keep keys playing after release.

- Over 50 built-in instruments and the ability to save an unlimited number of your own

- Send instruments via email to others and play instruments received from others

- Record up to 5 minutes of play and save recordings (to .wav files).

- Choose from four keyboard sizes: 13, 20, 25 or 32 keys

- Equal temperament or just intonation tuning setting

【免費音樂App】EasySynth Synthesizer-APP點子

- Choose from nine backgrounds.

- Fully native sound engine for less glitches and low latency (on supporting devices)

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