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ATLAS SHOULDERMusculoskeletal ultrasound is currently considered to be one of the most demanding ultrasound techniques, due to the similarity of the structures displayed.For this reason the Ultrasound App (musculoskeletal ultrasound shoulder-arm) constitutes a useful reference tool for physicians interested in learning how to clearly distinguish the relevant structures in the examinations of each area. Since this application can be accessed from a mobile phone, the information it contains can be rapidly consulted and reviewed at any time and in any place.- This application includes 20 atlases where we have highlighted and labeled the relevant structures which must be recognized and understood for complete anatomical ultrasound examination of this area.- Name or section of each atlas will be given, along with its anatomical location and the position of the transducer. Users can also select the structure they wish to study in order to see its nomenclature.We considered that the most instructive introduction should include an anatomical examination of a healthy patient. In upcoming versions users will find clinical studies concerning the most common diagnosed illnesses, as well as those which are more difficult to diagnose and analyze.This app has been developed thanks to the experience and collaboration of renowned diagnostic imaging and anatomical specialists, and well-known medical centers.

【免費醫療App】EcoAtlas UL1-APP點子

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