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Economy Tackle and Dolphin Paddlesports have been serving the local water sportsman in Sarasota since 1948. Services and products include kayak and paddleboard sales and rentals, fishing tackle and live bait, fly fishing gear, fishing licenses, sportswear, boat accessories, and more. Our mobile app provides access to our products and services on-the-go, customer loyalty coupons, instant access to us and direction to our facility, inshore and offshore fishing reports, kayaking, class and event’s calendar.-Provide instant access on-the-go to our products and services-Loyalty coupons for mobile app customers who come into the store-Instant access to inshore and offshore fishing reports-Expert advice and tips directly from our professional staff and captains-Weekly deals, calendar of events, weather and tides

【免費運動App】Econ. Tackle-APP點子

【免費運動App】Econ. Tackle-APP點子

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