Economic Problems

【免費商業App】Economic Problems-APP點子

Learn about economic problems!

Economic Problems is a fully-featured flash card app that includes:

+ Main Deck

+ Faves Deck

+ Ignore Feature

【免費商業App】Economic Problems-APP點子

+ Shuffle Ability

+ Choice of Primary Side

+ Search Feature

+ Index

+ Beautiful, Easy-to-Use Interface

Individual cards can be added to or removed from a built-in "Faves Deck" at any time. Use the "Faves Deck" to study only the cards that really give you trouble.

Cards can also be "ignored." If you've mastered a card, just add it to the "Ignore List."

Both the "Main Deck" and the "Faves Deck" can be shuffled at any point.

You can also select which side of the card (front or back) you want as the primary side.

There's also a search feature and a complete index!

The "Flip" button really flips the card (just like a real flash card!) and the arrows can be used to navigate to cards within a deck.

Perfect for students taking business, finance, economics, accounting, statistics, probability, getting their MBA, CFA, or CPA.

Download Economic Problems today because your education can't wait!

Keywords: unemployment, inflation, poverty, real, estate, recession, depression, econ, stock, credit

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