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The method determines the specific days of fertilization by girl and certain days for fertilization by boys from start date of the period according to the following table:

Days dedicated to pregnancy for male

14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

Days dedicated to pregnancy for female

【免費健康App】Eelya Eelya Gender Selection-APP點子

8, 9, 10, 11

days of fertilization must be done on several attempts:

for Pregnancy for boys:

First attempt 18-19

【免費健康App】Eelya Eelya Gender Selection-APP點子

Second attempt 17-18

Third attempt 16-17

The fourth attempt 15-16

The fifth attempt 14-15

For Pregnancy for girls

【免費健康App】Eelya Eelya Gender Selection-APP點子

First attempt 8

Second attempt 9

Third attempt 10

The fourth attempt 11

So If you are not pregnant on the first attempt, you must have sexual intercourse in the second attempt in the next menstrual cycle and so for four attempts to pregnant for Girls and five attempts to pregnant for boys .

【免費健康App】Eelya Eelya Gender Selection-APP點子


all those attempts must be done at the favorite months according to Chinese table, and this application will do that for the user

This method has the highest successful rate among any other methods and it reach to 95%

【免費健康App】Eelya Eelya Gender Selection-APP點子

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