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The Effectus Clothing app has our entire product line which can be viewed right on your phone. Check out new styles that we constantly drop and be in tune for our latest clothing to match your sneakers.

【免費購物App】Effectus Clothing-APP點子

Effectus Clothing is a NYC based streetwear brand. The company was formed in Long Island City by New York natives set out to create a line of clothing for people influenced by hip hop culture, sneaker culture and Graffiti. All of these elements make up the DNA of Effectus Clothing. We sell quality apparel for those who want to make a statement with original urban styles.

App Features:

【免費購物App】Effectus Clothing-APP點子

Our app features the full experience you will get on Effectusclothing.com but customized into an app for your phone for a seamless shopping experience.

【免費購物App】Effectus Clothing-APP點子

Email us with any questions,comments or concerns at orders@effectusclothing.com

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