Egg Recipes & Foods

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Egg & Recipes is the Free app!!! having more than 1000+ Egg Recipes

In this app you are having many cool feature. This app has following categories

- Egg Recipes - 1

【免費生活App】Egg Recipes & Foods-APP點子

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- Browse by category

【免費生活App】Egg Recipes & Foods-APP點子

- Browse recipes offline, i.e download the Recipes as PDF on local SD Card

- Ingredients

【免費生活App】Egg Recipes & Foods-APP點子

- Cooking Method and online cooking videos

- Low memory and Quick loading

Some of the Egg Recipes for your easy search as Deviled Eggs, Baked Eggs, Fully Loaded Eggs, Poor Knights Of Windsor, Scrambled Eggs, Masala Omlette, Egg Bhurji with Chicken Liver, Mutta Aviyal, Warm Frisee Salad, Chicken Omelette with Sauteed Mushrooms and more...

【免費生活App】Egg Recipes & Foods-APP點子

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