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【免費個人化App】Egypt News-APP點子

Egypt News is a free news reader application for Egyptian.

Egypt News gives you easy access to read the most popular news sources from Egypt on your Windows Phone device. Take this app with you and stay informed with access to the latest news.

【免費個人化App】Egypt News-APP點子


√ News by site.

√ News by category.

√ Download news automatically for offline reading.

【免費個人化App】Egypt News-APP點子

√ Read in mobile format with Instapaper Mobilizer

√ Fast access to news headline and brief

√ Add a category to favorite

√ Share articles via Facebook, Twitter...

【免費個人化App】Egypt News-APP點子

√ Search articles

√ Save articles to sdcard or Instapaper to read later

√ Block images to save data bandwidth

√ Add new/remove/edit/hide newspaper sites

【免費個人化App】Egypt News-APP點子

√ Lock screen while reading

√ And many more features in the next version

- Updated news sources

- Fixed bugs

【免費個人化App】Egypt News-APP點子

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