Eir Fast Dialer

【免費通訊App】Eir Fast Dialer-APP點子

Multi language fast dialer application. Enables fast T9 smart search through the contacts by name, number or company name.

Search usinng two alphabets at the same time. Available alphabets are:

* Latin (all Latin-based European languages are supported)

【免費通訊App】Eir Fast Dialer-APP點子

* Cyrillic (Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Bulgarian...)

【免費通訊App】Eir Fast Dialer-APP點子

* Greek

【免費通訊App】Eir Fast Dialer-APP點子

* Hebrew

【免費通訊App】Eir Fast Dialer-APP點子

* Arabic

Other key features:

* Twelve nice skins.

* Convenient large letters for an easier search. (Four different display modes are available)

* SMS messages in the call log. (Optional)

* Speed dialing.

* Filtering of the call / sms log.

* Company name is displayed.

* Wildcard search.

* Highlighting of starred contacts.

* Sort contacts by last name (for Android 2.2 and above)

* USSD dialing.

* Pauses in the dialed number.

* Landscape mode.

* Quick redial.

* Localized in Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Polish, Czech, German, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Dutch and Spanish!

NEW: Integration with the Corporate Contacts app: https://market.android.com/details?id=eir.corporate.free

【免費通訊App】Eir Fast Dialer-APP點子

Make the best use of Android contact organizing abilities.

Open localization - translate the app in your language: http://www.getlocalization.com/eir_fast_dialer/

Support forum - share your ideas and remarks: http://eir3.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=3

【免費通訊App】Eir Fast Dialer-APP點子

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