Ele/AC/Harm Physics Flashcards

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Electromagnetic Induction, AC Current, Harmonic Motion

Useful for College, High School, and the MCAT Exam. Covers all Electromagnetic Induction, AC Current, and Harmonic Motion equations. Along with explanations and graphics. Plenty of quiz cards included in the deck. 49 Detailed Cards Front & Back. 44 Detailed Cards Front & Back.

Topics covered

- Faraday's Law

- Generators and Motors

【免費教育App】Ele/AC/Harm Physics Flashcards-APP點子

- Maxwell's Equations

- Inductance

- Voltage and Current in Purely Resistive AC Circuit

【免費教育App】Ele/AC/Harm Physics Flashcards-APP點子

- Voltage and Current in a Purely Capacitive AC Circuit

- Voltage and Current in a Purely Inductive AC Circuit

- Impedance

【免費教育App】Ele/AC/Harm Physics Flashcards-APP點子

- RLC Circuits

- Transformers

- Simple Harmonic Motion

【免費教育App】Ele/AC/Harm Physics Flashcards-APP點子

- Frequency and Period

- Hooke' Law for the Restoring Force of a Spring

- The Frequency of a Mass-Spring

【免費教育App】Ele/AC/Harm Physics Flashcards-APP點子

- Frequency of a Pendulum

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【免費教育App】Ele/AC/Harm Physics Flashcards-APP點子

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