Electric touch wallpaper

【免費個人化App】Electric touch wallpaper-APP點子

When a touch is detected you can feel the electric shock.

Electric touch live wallpaper also provided options to turn touch on/off and also toggle vibration On/Off.

Features :

Real Look and feel makes you feel like its real.

You can enable or disable touch in settings panel.

Enable or disable vibration in settings panel.

A Simple and attractive User Interface

Electric touch Live wallpaper is absolutely free to download.

Electric Touch is totally free, fully customizable live wallpaper.

This application allows you to transform your screen into micro electric enviorment with its protons, electrons and neutrons. You are free to customize every single visual detail of this enviorment. Customize your particles and get your full of energy wallpaper.

【免費個人化App】Electric touch wallpaper-APP點子

Get electric lightning in your phone! Have fun with Electric Screen and your friends! Touch your phone screen and feel the electric effect in your hands.


- Awesome lightning effect!

- Realistic electric sound!

- Vibration

Also you can set this app as Live Wallpaper and enjoy the lightning effect with customizable color in your home screen.

You can set easily live wallpaper:

1. First, head into the Settings menu of your device.

2. From there, select “Display.”

3. Under Display, you will see an option for “Wallpaper.” Select it.

【免費個人化App】Electric touch wallpaper-APP點子

4. From here, select “Live Wallpapers” which will pop up the list of your installed live wallpapers.

5. From there, follow Steps 5 and 6 on the Standard Method.

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