Electrical Technology

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Welcome to the “Electrical Technology” Android App.

A very useful app about Electrical & Electronics Engineering & Technology.

The plus point of this Electrical Android App is that you can use it offline i.e. without internet connection. So you are able to use the useful Electrical tools as well as Electrical & Electronics Engineering Calulators and Articles to learn something new anytime, anywhere without worrying about mobile data chargesJ. In addition, it is Free and Always will be ;).

What’s New

10+ Advance Electrical & Electronics Engineering Calculators

★ Advance Voltage Drop Calculator

★ Electrical Wire & Cable Size Calculator (Cu & Al)

★ Parallel Resistor Calculator

【免費教育App】Electrical Technology-APP點子

★ Voltage Divider Rule Calculator

★ Required Value of Resistor for LED’s Circuit Calculator

★ IC 555 Timer Calculator with formulas & Equations

【免費教育App】Electrical Technology-APP點子

★ Battery Capacity & Size Calculator

★ Wire Size Calculator in AWG

★ Cramer’s Rule & Calculator (2x2 & 3x3) for Linear Circuit Analysis

【免費教育App】Electrical Technology-APP點子

★ Zener Diode & Zener Voltage Regulator Calculator

★ Power, Voltage, Current & Resistance Calculator

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Notes & Articles

★ Basic Concepts

★ Power System

【免費教育App】Electrical Technology-APP點子

★ Basic Electronics

★ Solar Power System

★ Repairing & Troubleshooting

【免費教育App】Electrical Technology-APP點子

★ And More …

Additional features

★ Can be used in Offline mode i.e. withot Internet Connection

★ 46 Language Suported Navigation

★ 46 Language Suported Navigation

【免費教育App】Electrical Technology-APP點子

★ Beautiful and easy ti use Navigation

★ Icon viz Menu

★ Two additional App themes (Light White and Dark Blue)

【免費教育App】Electrical Technology-APP點子

★ And more

Want to add even more … or do you have feedback or suggestion…. Please! Feel free to contact us at eeetblog@gmail.com. We will add the desired topic or tool in the Electrical Technology App ASAP. Thanks. Moreover, don’t forget to RATE this app with 5 Star rating. We would be very thankful.

Regards : Electrical Technology

【免費教育App】Electrical Technology-APP點子

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