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Get your daily dose of horoscope, fashion and beauty news!

With this handy app with you on the go wherever you are, you can keep up with the latest beauty and fashion trends, browse the hottest shopping items, find out what's in store for you today in the daily horoscope, and stay informed with the juiciest celebrity gossip.

App's Key Features:

Horoscopes - read your fortune before you start your work day

Fashion Alerts

【免費生活App】Elle Canada-APP點子

Beauty News

Elle Word Blog

Bonus Features:

Blazing fast browsing - content is stored to your device automatically so there is no loading time

【免費生活App】Elle Canada-APP點子

Offline-supported browsing - you do not need network coverage, so feel free to use the app even on the subway or airplane!

Extras - you can send articles to contacts in your address book or send comments to the author

ELLE is Canada's fastest growing fashion and beauty magazine. ELLE Canada is stylish, sexy, spirited. Thinking internationally and acting locally.

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【免費生活App】Elle Canada-APP點子

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【免費生活App】Elle Canada-APP點子

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