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ელექტრონიკისა და კომპიუტერული ტექნიკის ინტერნეტ მაღაზიის პირველი ქართული ანდროიდ აპლიკაცია სპეციალურად საქართველოს მოქალაქეებისათვის.

The first personal mobile assistant for the residents of Georgia in the selection and purchase of goods in the electronics and computer equipment. Always with you - on your phone or tablet. See detailed specifications, read customer reviews, compare prices and choose the most advantageous offer. The catalog contains a variety of product categories, from laptops and smartphones to car accessories, kitchen appliances and musical instruments.

Eltech Market allows you to:

* Create a free account and get lots of exclusive offers and interesting gifts;

【免費購物App】Eltech Electronics Online-APP點子

* Search products by category, price and technical specifications;

* Learn the technical characteristics of the product and read reviews of real customers;

* Call the store or go to the page to order online;

* Pay for purchase in form convenient for you;

【免費購物App】Eltech Electronics Online-APP點子

* Fill out a special order form and receive the goods within 2 days at the specified address;

【免費購物App】Eltech Electronics Online-APP點子

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