Emergency Override

【免費工具App】Emergency Override-APP點子

Silence your phone without the worry of missing emergency calls or text messages.

Emergency Override will monitor missed calls and unread text messages to alert you of any possible emergencies. Your volume will be adjusted and you will be notified with sound, light and vibration until you accept the notification.

Use this for a romantic evening without the fear of missing that important baby sitter txt or allow your wife to text you when it's baby time but still allow you to keep your phone silent for all other notifications.

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* Monitor Text Messages, Calls or both

【免費工具App】Emergency Override-APP點子

* Configurable keyword in test messages that cause immediate alert.

* Configurable Alerts

* Create a white list of numbers that can cause alerts and ignore all others.

【免費工具App】Emergency Override-APP點子

* Wakes up your phone during alerts

* Shows on top of a locked screen.


【免費工具App】Emergency Override-APP點子


* Read Call Log and Read Phone State are for tracking missed calls

* Modify Audio Setting is for overriding the silence mode

【免費工具App】Emergency Override-APP點子

* Read SMS and Receive SMS are for tracking unread text msgs

* Wake lock is for keeping the device awake and screen active when an alert is issued.

* Vibrate is well....to vibrate the device during an alert

【免費工具App】Emergency Override-APP點子

* System Alert Window is for drawing on top of the lock screen

* Read and Write Contacts are for the White list feature

* Write External Storage is used for copying the red alert klaxon sound to the Notifications folder

【免費工具App】Emergency Override-APP點子

* Internet and Access Network State are used by Google Analytics

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