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Since when has just one emoji ever been enough?!Introducing Emojimation, the keyboard that lets you bring emojis to life!Combine tons of emojis into animated gifs or HD videos, the possibilities are endless! It's as easy as typing whatever emojis you want and pressing a button!Don't know what the current app your typing in supports? That's ok! There's built-in functionality with the most popular messaging apps, so you don't have to decide.But, for those who do know, all you have to do choose one of the following options:- Copy Gif - Copy Video- Save Video (Saves to your camera roll so that you can share!)- Save Gif (Saves to your camera roll and animates whenever you send it!) *Hope you have blast animating your emojis!- The Emojimation TeamP.S: We want you're feedback, however we won't ask you to rate Emojimation at all anytime while you're using the app. But if you've got a minute, feel free to rate us and let us know what you think!Please don't hesitate to email us at support@zenunsoftware.com with any questions, comments or concerns.* Make sure the app you're sharing in supports gifs before trying to send your beautiful creation in gif format, if not it won't animate!This app contains icons by Icons8. www.icons8.comSong in App Preview: Ukelele - Akashic Records

【免費工具App】Emojimation — Animated Emoji Keyboard-APP點子

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