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**Need guidance on your employment contracts for NZ employees?

**Unsure of how to approach a certain employment issue?

**Are you in mediation with your employer or employee?

**Could you benefit from free advise regarding Employment Contracts and or issues?

Then you need this app!

Viv d'or - is a passionately driven Employment Law Adviser who has a wealth of knowledge in the field of employment contracts, mediation and much more.

Viv d’Or can offer advice on the following:

** Employment Law Advice

** Employment Agreements

** Restructuring and Redundancies

** Personal Grievance Claims

** Disciplinary and Dismissal Matters

** Bullying & Harassment & Discrimination

【免費書籍App】Employment Law --APP點子

** Personal Grievance Claims

** And Many other things in between

** This is the official app for Viv d'or | Employment Law new zealand.

Features of this app:

* Free information across 10 employment categories

* Free Seminars - Calendar events into your phone

* Contact information

* Employment Law Community

* Receive free push notifications of free info

* Facebook integration - Share your views.

【免費書籍App】Employment Law --APP點子

And more to come...

Thank you for downloading this app, we hope you enjoy this app.

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【免費書籍App】Employment Law --APP點子

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