Endura Rubber Mulch

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Cobalt's mulch calculator app is designed for landscaping and playground construction professionals. Use our mulch calculator app to quickly determine the amount of Cobalt's Endura Rubber Mulch you'll need for your next project. Our app enables you to input flowerbed, island or playground dimensions to calculate the amount of Endura Rubber Mulch required.

If you're mulching around trees, keep the mulch two or three inches away from the trunks. That way your tree gets all the benefits of Endura Rubber Mulch without stimulating above ground root growth.

Benefits of Endura Rubber Mulch:

- 100% Recycled Tires

- ADA Compliant Per ASTM F1951

【免費商業App】Endura Rubber Mulch-APP點子

- 8 - 10 Year Warranty

- 100% Recycled Tires

- Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

【免費商業App】Endura Rubber Mulch-APP點子

- Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe

- Will Not Compress or Flatten Out

- Inhibits Insects, Rodents and Weeds

【免費商業App】Endura Rubber Mulch-APP點子

- Splinter Free

- Natural Wood and Bright Colors

- Made In America

【免費商業App】Endura Rubber Mulch-APP點子

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