Energy monitoring of house

【免費財經App】Energy monitoring of house-APP點子

This lite version of houseEnergyMon can be used to follow some energy consumption, like electricity. Enter in beginning of every month the counter value of e.g. electricity meter (the running value, kwh, kJ what ever). The app will then count the consumption automatically. This can then be used to estimate roughly how big electricity bill will be...

This version now supports two meter values per month (e.g. day-tariff vs. night tariff).

Example: lets say that the meter value Jan.1.2011 was 1000kWh, and Feb 1 2011 2133kWh. The app shows that electricity consumption in January was about 1133kWh.

The accuracy depends of course on user, e.g. the meter value should always be read 1st day of month...

To make backup of database, just press menu on applications main page. Then chose DB/Database and backup. To restore from backup chose restore (Note! restoration overwrites the current DB...)

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Do You feel that something is missing, please give comments to developers (mail or comment). Note though that "lite"-version will not get all feaatures that the Full-version has and will have.

The creators of this app do not take any financial responsibilities if electricity bill was estimated too small using this tool!

【免費財經App】Energy monitoring of house-APP點子

【免費財經App】Energy monitoring of house-APP點子

【免費財經App】Energy monitoring of house-APP點子

【免費財經App】Energy monitoring of house-APP點子

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