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You can easy refer to over 150,000 words for English-Italian Dictionary Pro(offline dictionary) and mp3 and 150,000 words for English-English Dictionary(offline dictionary). Especial you can search two dictionary for a word(Two in one).


you can easy refer to 2500 conversational sentence English and pronunciation for each sentence. it is very well for translation, converse following context

Topic 1:Eating

Topic 2:Post office

Topic 3:Thanks sorry

Topic 4:Hello

Topic 5:Congratulations

【免費書籍App】English Italian Dictionary Pro-APP點子

Topic 6:Tv program

Topic 7:Work

Topic 8:Everyday life

Topic 9:Family

Topic 10:Dating

Topic 11:Ask for direction

【免費書籍App】English Italian Dictionary Pro-APP點子

Topic 12:Hotel

Topic 13:Abilities

Topic 14:Praise cheer

Topic 15:Economy

Topic 16:Taxi

Topic 17:Fashion makeup

【免費書籍App】English Italian Dictionary Pro-APP點子

Topic 18:Music

Topic 19:Worry

Topic 20:Internet

Topic 21:Shopping

Topic 22:Date time

Topic 23:Remind

【免費書籍App】English Italian Dictionary Pro-APP點子

Topic 24:House

Topic 25:Telephone

Topic 26:Transportation

Topic 27:Comparison

Topic 28:Interests

Topic 29:Health

【免費書籍App】English Italian Dictionary Pro-APP點子

Topic 30:Financial

【免費書籍App】English Italian Dictionary Pro-APP點子

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