Enjoy Great Sex

【免費健康App】Enjoy Great Sex-APP點子

This app is designed for both men and women who wish to enhance and improve their love lives. In every area of life, no matter how good things may already be, it’s always possible to enhance and improve.

Based on the Law of Attraction this powerful app has been created by Darren Marks one of the UKs leading hypnotherapists and trainers. It combines practical advice, nlp association techniques and hypnotic relaxation and visualization. This enables you to set up in your own mind and body, the perfect intimate, loving experiences and if necessary let go of any potential worries or concerns.

Over the years Darrens work has featured in both the specialist and popular media:

"He has this incredibly soothing voice and was wonderfully reassuring. Afterwards I felt completely relaxed and calm, and had a wonderful sense of well-being" Good Health


【免費健康App】Enjoy Great Sex-APP點子

“The Ultimate in Self Help… The high quality recordings entertain, relax, entrance and help get results rapidly” Yoga Magazine


*The powerful hypnosis audio session “Enjoy Great Sex”

*A choice of versions with and without wake up.

* Practical tips to help improve your love life

* Video interviews to help you understand and feel comfortable with the process.

* Additional sessions available via inapp purchase for those experiencing specific sexual difficulties. Currently available: “Overcome Impotence” and “Control Premature Ejaculation”

【免費健康App】Enjoy Great Sex-APP點子

Download now, tap into the power of your mind, and become the best lover you can be today!

(Please note the audio and video files are high quality and therefore quite large, altogether 258 MB, and a good wifi connection is necessary to download. Additional charges may apply depending on the connection used to download data. It is possible to remove and reinstall individual sessions and videos as required.)

【免費健康App】Enjoy Great Sex-APP點子

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