Entente Translator Demo

【免費通訊App】Entente Translator Demo-APP點子

- Android 2.1 or better

- Have easy conversations.

- English-Spanish, Spanish-English.

【免費通訊App】Entente Translator Demo-APP點子

- Type any sentence, hit GO and it translates.

- Press the => arrow and other party can answer.

- Small (360 KB), and runs on your Android device.

【免費通訊App】Entente Translator Demo-APP點子

- No Web connection needed.

- Save output or send as email.

- Accurate. Asks you which meaning you want

【免費通訊App】Entente Translator Demo-APP點子

for ambiguous words.

- Grammar free (3 man rob bank yesterday),

but always understandable.

Entente is for conversation and is easy to use. Type in English, hit Go and see the French immediately. Touch the English => French arrow and it switches to French input so the Frenchman can answer. Babelfish makes you select the input and output languages from a long list, then type in, translate, then select a

【免費通訊App】Entente Translator Demo-APP點子

new input language from the long list, and a new output language, and only then can the foreigner respond. It is tedious and makes for poor conversation.

Entente runs on your android phone or pad – no Internet connection needed, no connect charge, and it runs in remote places without cell towers.

Entente asks what meaning you want when you use a word like "charge". "In which sense? Charge!; Charge my credit card; charge the battery; murder charge…" Other programs guess and may guess wrong, so when you present a battery and say "charge it" the clerk may say "OK, it costs $10, give me your card."

Say "charge him with murder" and the corrupt cop may say "I'll take $500 – knife or gun?" Say "charge the enemy!" And they ask "You have his credit card?" Say "charge!" and 100 shopaholics cry "Yes, yes!!" A general would weep…

Entente is grammar-free. It uses no plurals or conjugations (3 man rob bank yesterday.) But it lets you say anything and produces an accurate and understandable translation. It won't work for webpages (because there's no one to say what the meaning of "charge" is). It's for conversation only, but it's good at that. Also works for tweets and e-mail.

Google looks at millions of words of translation and finds phrases closest to what you input. It makes very good translations for major languages, but for obscure languages spoken by a only few people it won't work, because there are few or no translations for to look at. Entente needs only a 3200 word dictionary that takes two weeks to compile, so it can save every endangered language on earth.

Google or Babelfish is better for web pages or books. Entente is great for talking to someone. It needs no Internet connection, so it's free and lets you talk in the High Andes and other places where no connection exists.

【免費通訊App】Entente Translator Demo-APP點子

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