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It's really wonderful work with many more features.

UPM - Epassafe (C) 2013 is a fork of Universal Password Manager (UPM) with the

development geared to making this a stand-alone application on an Android Device.

UPM - Epassafe differs from Universal Password Manager in several ways. It has been

【免費工具App】Epassafe Password Manager-APP點子

stripped down to the most basic usage, that of encrypting your passwords and allowing

backups to be made to external device i.e sdcard. Also, this program fork has been designed

to be the sole application to run aside from the most basic android specific applications.

For example, Epassafe has the option to replace the default Launcher, though this is not required. You may choose after next reboot by choosing default launcher.

I believe their is a niche market for requiring this kind of device.

Apart from how Epassafe differs from Universal Password Manager, the aim is to use it on a

modified Android OS or special Rom to make the device sole purpose for keeping passwords

safe, like a notebook but in electronic form.


【免費工具App】Epassafe Password Manager-APP點子


v.1.9b Beta - Changed lockout to 5 mins, added screen keep alive to fix issue of timer not working when phone sleeps.

v.1.8b Beta - Replaced Master Password Warning Text with Logo. (Just don't forget your password!)

Added 10 minute timer to lockout. So no more worries if you forget to lock the app.

v.1.7b Beta - Created an Automatic Backup aupm.db from Manual Backup upm.db on application exit

--Restore still from Manual Backup file upm.db

【免費工具App】Epassafe Password Manager-APP點子

--If want to restore automatic backup, must rename aupm.db --> upm.db from root of sdCard

(This makes good practice to do manual backups in the first place, but leaves a safety net

for just in case i.e. database corruption)

v.1.6b Beta - Added Password Generator (https://github.com/rod86/PassGenerator)

v.1.5b Beta - Code Clean up.

v.1.4b Beta - Added Quick Lock with Volume Down (Temp until figure out with Screen Off)

【免費工具App】Epassafe Password Manager-APP點子

v.1.3B Beta - Added Add Account Button to Lists for easy One Click Add Option. Additional Code Clean up.

v.1.2b Beta - Esthetics and Code Optimization

v.1.1b Beta - Fixed Launch Icon on Some devices not showing up.

v.1.0b Beta Initial Release


Notes about this release:

This release is a beta version, meaning there may very well be bugs. As a good rule of thumb

【免費工具App】Epassafe Password Manager-APP點子

do not always rely on one single method for your security needs. It's always a good idea to make

backups of your data and keep them in a safe place. One good recommendation is to keep your

password file on a sdcard, and placed in a safe place.

This application was designed to run as the sole application on your Android device, however it is not

a limitation but a suggestion. When booting your phone, you will be presented with options at boot for

which application you want to run. Either the default launcher (ex. Touchwiz) or UMP Epassafe.

With that in mind. This is a great application for an old Android Device you no longer use or would like to

put your old phone to good use while you upgrade to a newer device.

* In the future I would like to add the options to strip your old device of unneeded bloat as to make your

【免費工具App】Epassafe Password Manager-APP點子

device as streamlined as possible for the sole purpose of keeping your passwords safe.

* Feel free to explore the source code at: https://github.com/servingbaby/UPM-Epassafe

【免費工具App】Epassafe Password Manager-APP點子

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