Epic Trolling Suite

【免費社交App】Epic Trolling Suite-APP點子

Epic Trolling Suite is an app to troll your friends through WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Line, Viber and other social media. Even email or bluetooth, every option is compatible with Epic Trolling Suite.

In addition, with Epic Trolling Suite you will be able to share memes, trolls, videos, jokes, or even sounds speceally designed to troll your friends.

This app is a compilation of everything you need for trolling: memes like trollface, badass, true story, or lol; videos of crazy goats, bazingas, crazy stuff and trololol; joking sounds and written jokes. The sounds can be even used as ringtones, contact tones, alarms and notifications.

Sharing a meme in social media like Facebook or WhatsApp is quite easy. You only need to select, for example, a trollface, and press "send" button or long press the image so the menu will appear. After that, the list of social media will appear and you will be able to share it with all your friends. Same with sounds, jokes and videos.

Trolling was never so easy! Epic Trolling Suite gives you videos, memes, trolls, jokes, sounds and tones, everything you may need for trolling on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and every social media. Will you lose this chance? Take it and let the laughter start!

Memes, jokes, sounds and videos to enjoy with your friends through social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Viber o Line. What else may you need? Download it now!

- Application designed and developed by David Rodillo.

【免費社交App】Epic Trolling Suite-APP點子

【免費社交App】Epic Trolling Suite-APP點子

【免費社交App】Epic Trolling Suite-APP點子

【免費社交App】Epic Trolling Suite-APP點子

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