"more addictive than sudoku" - www.I-hate-math.com/

Equations is an educational and fun game. The objective is to build an equation that equals the problem presented. If the problem is 10 the answer can be 7 + 7 - 4 or 2 x 5 or any combination of operators and numbers that equal 10. Press solve to complete. The longer the equation the higher your score. The type of operator also affects your score. Division is worth more than multiplication, which is worth more than subtraction, which is worth more than addition. Increase your score by dropping blank bricks for big bonuses.


This game is fun for everyone. It is a great tool for making simple mathematical operations into a fun and exciting exercise for kids that are just learning about mathematical operations. It is a great way for them to learn and have fun at the same time.

This game is highly addictive for those who have been doing simple math for years. It is a challenge to see how much of the board you can clear and how big of a bonus you can achieve!


Recommended for all ages and all mathematical ability levels.

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