The Esthelogue App will significantly improve the comfort of the usage of your Esthelogue device in your beauty or spa clinic. It provides broad information on the treatments possible with the system, allows you to manage your clients easily with your iPad and supports you conveniently during the treatment.  This APP requires hardware from Esthelogue. More information at http://www.esthelogue.comMenu:- Home- Treatment- Client CRM- Library- Web- SettingsBrowse the library and learn more about the treatments possible with the system. You can choose e.g. the treatment area, skin blemish and skin type to get information on how to prepare, perform the treatment and you get tips and hints.Furthermore the Library allows you to watch treatment videos and see before and after pictures. You can also surf the Esthelogue website.Using the Client CRM, creating new patients, ad treatment protocols to the patient, etc. – this way you can manage all your Esthelogue clients via your iPad easily.The two different technologies Radiofrequency and Ultrasound with their different treatment programs, possible parameter adjustments allow an individual treatment for the need of your client. You can simultaneously adjust parameters on iPad and device on the large, convenient screen of your iPad.Treatments possible with your Esthelogue device:- Radiofrequency: Skin Tightening, Wrinkle reduction, improvement of pores and small scars, sebo normalisation, cleaning of skin/ peeling and treatment of active acne- Ultrasound:  Wrinkle reduction, tightening of connective tissue and skin, softening of scars, muscle relaxation, delivery of active ingredients, pore improvement, cleaning of skin/ peeling and treatment of active acne



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