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zkipster is a top rated guest list app for non-ticketed event check-in at fundraisers, premieres, galas, promotional events and conferences. It’s an easy-to-use and secure check-in app compatible for iOS, Android, Windows 8 platforms - offering secure real-time guest list management for public relations and event professionals.

zkipster is being developed in cooperation with a group of the world's foremost event management and marketing professionals.

Forget paper - join us and learn what happens in the cloud!

- Request 24/7 client services & be confident this works

- Create unlimited guests & guest lists for one price

【免費商業App】Event Check-In App l zkipster-APP點子

- Customize guest lists & add extra guest information

- Upload logos, event flyers and seating maps

【免費商業App】Event Check-In App l zkipster-APP點子

- Use multiple devices with one unique login

- Find every guest in less than 3 seconds

【免費商業App】Event Check-In App l zkipster-APP點子

- Add and edit guest info on the fly

- Receive free VIP arrival alerts (text/email)

【免費商業App】Event Check-In App l zkipster-APP點子

- Get stats during and after your event

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