Event Manager - Lite

【免費商業App】Event Manager - Lite-APP點子

EventM-Lite is a simple and fast event registration and check-in management application.

No Servers. No Signup. No Fees.All you need is your mobile phone.

Start right away now. Eliminate paper registrations, attendees list and check-ins.


* Create an event.

* Register attendees with Name, Phone, Email, Company, Designation fields. Write a short note on the attendee.

* Capture the image of the attendee and attach it to his profile.

* Email or Save the attendees list as .csv file.


* Search for attendees and view their details quickly.

【免費商業App】Event Manager - Lite-APP點子

* Check-in the attendees as they arrive.

* Manage the attendees list.

* Email or Save the check-in list as .csv file.

Like to use the application for check-in alone. No worries. Just import the attendees list into the application through .csv file. You are all set.


【免費商業App】Event Manager - Lite-APP點子

Need to do check-in using multiple phones. Just export the attendees list from one phone and import into the other one.

Thanks for visiting EventM-Lite.

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Keywords:Events, Exhibitions, Registration, Check-in, Parties, Entry Manager, Concerts, Stalls

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