Everton Connect

【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

The only app that you can play LIVE alongside Everton!

Ideal for every Everton fan! Everton Connect takes the best elements of watching the match with your friends and enhances it with direct head-to-head competition – all on mobile!

Play with friends, predict the action, swap game tiles and be the first to achieve a "connect". It’s live Everton action with a fun, social, predictive twist.

- Every live Barclays Premier League match

【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

- In real-time

【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

- Player stats

【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

- All the above integrated into the most revolutionary LIVE-play social sports game that lets you play with friends.

Support your team and play against fellow fans and rivals throughout the entire season! It's the BEST way to enjoy the match from your mobile! Play by yourself, invite your friends, challenge your rivals!

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【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

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【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子


- Unite with fellow fans and rivals to enjoy a new experience to LIVE gameplay

【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

- Login using Facebook Connect or create your own OneUp account to challenge & play with friends

【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

- Each player will get a unique game board made of professional Football players and match action

【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

- Predict what will happen, swap game tiles and use your game strategy as the action happens during the match. When you achieve a “Connect” you bank the points, earn bragging rights and rank up the leaderboard!

【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

- Banter throughout the match with built-in chat features.

【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

- Use 'Swaps' in the match to change the players and events on your Everton Connect game board.

【免費體育競技App】Everton Connect-APP點子

- Use Blocks, Shuffles and more to mess with your opponent's gameplay

- Use Wildcards and other power-ups to increase your chances of winning.

Everton Connect takes the best of live sports and social gaming – all on your Android from anywhere in the world.


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