Everyday Japanese Word Widget

【免費教育App】Everyday Japanese Word Widget-APP點子

Use your home screen to remember Japanese words everyday!.

By remembering 10 words one day, you can improve your Japanese vocabulary amount to an unbelievable level!.

*** Now you can listen the pronunciation of word by clicking the listen button in word detail window or by clicking the "ear" icon in notebook window. (After completely loading the web page, you will hear the sound. By different network conditions, it may takes you some seconds to load it.)

*This application contains 12000 words, grouped by 12 ranks of difficulty.

(By the way, I'm learning rank 7 now m(._.)m )

*This application is a home widget.

How to use: go to home screen -> long click on empty space -> widget -> Everyday Japanese Word Widget.

*By clicking the label, you can see the detail info of the word. Also, you can search examples of how to use this word on an Japanese site.

*Instruction of buttons from left:

1. memo(mark) the word;

By marking the word, application will notice you to review the word regularly by what you mark.

2. Show a new word on the label.

3. Show today's list of words.

This is a list of the words you should review today.

【免費教育App】Everyday Japanese Word Widget-APP點子

And there is a red text box to show the number of words in today's list.

4. Show the statistics screen.

Showing your statistics of learning.

5. Show the settings screen.

You can adjust the rank of words here.

You can also change the background of label and some others.

* After updating, please delete it from the home screen and add it again.

*** This is original an application for Japanese to learn English words. But on the other side, I think it also can be used for non-Japanese to learn Japanese words.

*** You should know that this app can ONLY help you to remember words. For better education, you should use other education materials together;

If you have any question or advice, please contact me by the following ways.

E-mail: viennakanon@gmail.com

twitter: viennakanon

Please share this application to your friends who are interested in Japanese.

【免費教育App】Everyday Japanese Word Widget-APP點子

thank you in advance

【免費教育App】Everyday Japanese Word Widget-APP點子

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