EvolveSMS Theme - Elegant

【免費個人化App】EvolveSMS Theme - Elegant-APP點子

Elegant is a theme for EvolveSMS featuring unique transparent chat bubbles. Two add-on theme backgrounds(day and night version) are included in this theme!

===>Installation Instruction:

【免費個人化App】EvolveSMS Theme - Elegant-APP點子

You MUST have EvolveSMS installed in order to use this theme.

You must also have the "Use Add-on Theme" checked which allows for themes to be applied.

【免費個人化App】EvolveSMS Theme - Elegant-APP點子

To use theme background, you must have the "Add-on Theme Background" checked.

===>Night and Day Modes

【免費個人化App】EvolveSMS Theme - Elegant-APP點子

This theme support Night Mode. Enable the Night Mode in EvolveSMS settings. During the day, it's light(Day Mode); during night(Night Mode), it's dark.


【免費個人化App】EvolveSMS Theme - Elegant-APP點子

===>Material Design Style features and compose buttons

This requires the latest version of EvolveSMS! Go to Visual Settings > Theme Settings to enable/disable

【免費個人化App】EvolveSMS Theme - Elegant-APP點子


Theme will be updated according to new features available for EvolveSMS. I will keep improving this theme and update this app. Updates will always be free!

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