Get "Executive Search Cloud" today! "Executive Search Cloud" makes it easy to send your sensitive CVs, head hunting reports and other documents and publications to your fellows from anywhere on any device – without loosing control over your documents and HR reports - be safe, be smart* Share your head hunting profiles with specialists, clients and collegues* Have videos integrated at your fingertips
* Make sure, that nobody has outdated or inappropriate pictures and reports* Secure content with automatic check for updates when the app is opened
* Control the distribution, make sure that nothing is forwarded without your approval PadCloud together with the app"Executive Search Cloud" allows you to do all these and more! Individuals increasingly rely on PadCloud for simple, secure content distribution.

 "Executive Search Cloud" for iPhone and iPad lets you: 

• view reports, documents and publications directly on your iPhone and iPad• secure content and guarantee that its not forwarded outside your reach • control who is receiving what • enable your trusted to receive important information to their devices • grant easy availability even if offline
• Secure content with automatic checks for updates 
„Before I always hesitated to send sensitive information via mail or social platforms. Now, I can share any sensitive information with my trusted, and I don’t have to fear, that it is forwarded to the wrong hands.“




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