Exercise 8: Eye Toner 2

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Instant Booster Exercise! This exercise works the top eyelid - minimises crows' feet and sagging skin at the outer corners of the eye - lifts and tones the upper lid - reduces hooded eyes - smooths frown ridges between brows - lifts brows - Reduces signs of tiredness around eyes - Increases circulation to the eyes for an instant boost.

PARTNER EXERCISES: Numbers 3, 4, 8 and 11

INSTANT BOOSTER EXERCISES: Numbers 3, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12 If you’re looking tired, or need to look great fast, use the Instant Booster Exercises to make your eyes sparkle, plump your lips and get your skin glowing!

Faceworks is a professional face lift program for proven results. Designed by experts to firm, tone and lift your face easily and effectively, you choose the exercises you want for the results you need. For firm, smooth and healthy skin, Faceworks is the best skin product you can buy.

In client trials 100% of people who completed the recommended program saw an improvement in their appearance with Faceworks.

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• Studio-produced videos

• Clear, detailed instructions with voiceover

【免費健康App】Exercise 8: Eye Toner 2-APP點子

• On screen instructions when you need to exercise without sound

• The effect each exercise has, results you can expect and muscles used

• Unique Focus Point on each exercise helps you get it right, and get results

• Pause, fast forward and rewind function


Looking tired but need to look your best? Fix it fast with the Instant Booster Exercises: get your eyes sparkling, plump your lips and get your skin glowing.

Finished your diet to find your face looks older? Treat yourself to looking gorgeous again with the full Faceworks program.

Weight OK but have chubby cheeks or chin? Use a few exercises to sculpt and slim just where you need it.

Got a special occasion coming up when you need to look A List fabulous? Pick just the exercises you need for a mini-facelift.

Can’t afford that expensive facial? Faceworks gives you smoother, firmer and healthier skin, for less! The exercises help to normalise both oily and dry skin by increasing circulation and bringing nutrients to deep skin layers.


“Faceworks is a life changer! Thank you!”

"I'm a life coach - I find your videos excellent; clear & easy to follow - all the exercises for the price of a pot of face cream!”

I've followed the exercise programme since January and am very pleased with the results already. I had been doing a VERY well-known American face exercise program for 10 years & I didn't think my face would improve that much but it has, so thank you very much!“

“I've just looked at my passport photo taken 3 years ago. I'm amazed at the changes in my face: my eyelids have lifted, my cheeks and lips look fuller, and my jowls are lessening' It makes so much sense we exercise our bodies so why not our faces - I feel so much better about myself”.

See more reviews on the Results page on the Faceworks website www.faceworks.co.uk/results/

Faceworks is the only face exercise program approved by the Complementary Therapists’ Association, a leading UK professional association.

The videos show 51 year old therapist and creator of Faceworks, Elaine Bartlett. For more photos of Elaine, see the Faceworks website at www.faceworks.co.uk.

Faceworks is brought to you by Faceworks UK Ltd, a Complementary Therapy company, and has over a million online users worldwide.


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