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This Android library implements the expand by sliding logic for a top or a bottom view in a two children vertical view composition. It supports Android SDK 2.1 (Eclair) as minimum.

ExpandablePanel library brings a custom view called ExpandablePanelView to the final user. Also, you can use and combine any number of it's custom attributes to customize the graphic user interface from your Android application.

Don't forget to implement ExpandableListener for being able to interact with expanding/shrinking/touch events.

You can check it out in my github repo:


It is an Open Source lib, so feel free to use it into your own Android projects!

If you want to contact me, visit my personal site, where you will find all my contact info and you will find info about my professional life, projects...etc: http://jorgecastilloprz.github.io/

【免費工具App】ExpandablePanel AndroidLibrary-APP點子

【免費工具App】ExpandablePanel AndroidLibrary-APP點子

【免費工具App】ExpandablePanel AndroidLibrary-APP點子

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