Expense Manager Free

【免費財經App】Expense Manager Free-APP點子

Expense Manager is a basic app for managing and tracking expenses. It’s my first attempt in creating the android app, so please try and provide your reviews

Free version provides facility to:

- Record expenses

- Add / remove Expense categories and Expense types

- View by Category , Payment mode , Date

- Drill down to specific expense from Expense Category >> Expense Type

【免費財經App】Expense Manager Free-APP點子

- Reports at Expense Category level - across months

- Export expenses to csv file

Pro version will provide All facilities of Free version plus facility to:

- Export and import expenses to and from csv file

- Reports at Expense Category and Expense Type combinations across months

I plan to add following functionality in future based on the response from users

- Charts for monthwise reports

【免費財經App】Expense Manager Free-APP點子

- budget based tracking

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