Expense Tracker

【免費財經App】Expense Tracker-APP點子

Features :

- Export Report: You can export reports in CSV and PDF Format. Path to save report "/sdcard/ExpenseTracker/*.*"

- Graph Swipe: Use Swipe to change graph rather then clicks

【免費財經App】Expense Tracker-APP點子

- Manage Favorite: You can edit and delete favorites.

- Listing TabView: Browse Listing using Tabs

【免費財經App】Expense Tracker-APP點子

- Notification baloon: Notification baloon added to listing and home screen. This will notify you about number of unfinished entries.

- Set reminder for expense entries

【免費財經App】Expense Tracker-APP點子

- Track expenses on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

- Graphical representation

【免費財經App】Expense Tracker-APP點子

- Mark expense entries as favorite and later add it as an expense from favorite

- Take a picture of the expense receipt and save it for future reference

【免費財經App】Expense Tracker-APP點子

- Save expense as voice recording

- Log location of the expense automatically

【免費財經App】Expense Tracker-APP點子

- Date and time of the expense is logged automatically

- Expenses can be modified to a previous date

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