Expensive App Prank

【免費娛樂App】Expensive App Prank-APP點子

You want to prank on your friend?

【免費娛樂App】Expensive App Prank-APP點子

borrow his phone, and install this app! lol

You want to show off?

install this app, and show it to your friend! lol.

If you look for the most expensive app on the Google Play, this is it.

This is a simple proof-of-concept app, which has been assigned the highest price possible for an application on the Google Play. (source: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/table/3541286)

This app doesn't actually do anything. I have warned you.

Nevertheless, if you're a billionaire with tons of cash to spare, you might want to download this just for fun. Certainly it would give people a huge laughs. LOL.

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