Expovert - Business Card Share

【免費商業App】Expovert - Business Card Share-APP點子

- Do you use business cards?

Any time you need to share your business card with others or collect the business cards of participants of any meeting, conference or trade show, Expovert provides the solution as a tool for exchanging digital business cards (e-business cards) over the event's WiFi.

【免費商業App】Expovert - Business Card Share-APP點子

- Do you need to know who is at the event right now?

With Expovert, you can simply collect the cards of attendees of any meetings who have also installed Expovert on their smartphones, or you can see their Expovert status and get in contact with them to network, communicate, or follow up on any conversations.

【免費商業App】Expovert - Business Card Share-APP點子

- Are you an exhibitor?

You don't need to put a card collecting can on the booth to collect cards. Expovert installed on your cell phone will do that for you sharing and collecting the cards of all other expoverts via WiFi connection automatically all day long without any coffee breaks.

【免費商業App】Expovert - Business Card Share-APP點子

- Expovert is at your service!

No passwords are needed. Just connect to available WiFi. Share your card and get other people's cards, send them SMS, email, broadcast your Expovert status on the show.

【免費商業App】Expovert - Business Card Share-APP點子

(The app is totally free!)

【免費商業App】Expovert - Business Card Share-APP點子

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