Express Taxi Dublin

【免費交通運輸App】Express Taxi Dublin-APP點子

Safe & Secure Taxis at the Touch of a Button.

You can have 100% confidence when travelling with Express Taxi knowing that all of our vehicles are thoroughly tested and have our meters sealed through the Irish taxi regulators systems.

Our booking and dispatch office (located in the business district of the city center) are fully licensed and also approved by the regulators office


- Fast & Efficient - get the closest taxi to your location at the touch of a button.

【免費交通運輸App】Express Taxi Dublin-APP點子

- Safe & Secure - get details of driver & taxi coming to pick you up directly to your phone prior to pick up.

【免費交通運輸App】Express Taxi Dublin-APP點子

- Fully automated - no need to speak to anyone, no need to make multiple calls to taxi companies on busy nights or call directory enquiries for taxi company numbers

【免費交通運輸App】Express Taxi Dublin-APP點子

- Watch your taxis progress on the map on your phone

【免費交通運輸App】Express Taxi Dublin-APP點子

- Scheduled Bookings

【免費交通運輸App】Express Taxi Dublin-APP點子

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