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Exsurdo Pro is an MP3-player with the unique ability to mix songs automatically. There are 3 pre-defined settings, Normal (no mixing), Studio (7 seconds overlap) and Live (11 seconds overlap).

Exsurdo Pro uses a Service to play the songs, so no matter what favourite Android program You are using, the music never stops!

Exsurdo Pro has full support for Bluetooth headsets with Multimedia Buttons.

Exsurdo Pro has full support for audio focus listening. It pauses the playing song when an incoming or outgoing call is made. Also, it lowers the volume (ducking) when using, for example, Navigation applications in front.

Playstate is saved when service is restared/stopped. The song playing and current position.

【免費音樂App】Exsurdo Pro-APP點子

【免費音樂App】Exsurdo Pro-APP點子

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