Extended Tabata

【免費運動App】Extended Tabata-APP點子

Are You looking for an app that will help You to improve interval / tabata training? I think You are in the right place...

Fully customizable yet simple application for interval training!

Completely Add free!


- You can configure each interval length and name

- You can set up the number of intervals per cycle

- You can turn ON or OFF the sound after each interval

- You can choose if You want the screen to be constantly ON while running application

- You can save Your cycle on SD card (it is stored as a separate file in "ExtendedTabata" directory)

- Because every saved tabata is a text file, You can create it earlier on Your computer and put it to "ExtendedTabata" directory on SD card

Extended Tabata can be Your assistant in almost every type of exercises !!!



So today You want to do some PushUp routines...

First, regular pushups for 60 seconds, then immediately hip pushups for 30 seconds. Now You want to rest for 45 seconds. Next do diamond pushups for 30 seconds and rest for 1 minute.

You can easily add 5 blocks in application:

1) Name: Regular Pushups; Time: 60

【免費運動App】Extended Tabata-APP點子

2) Name: Hip Pushups; Time: 30

3) Name: Rest; Time: 45

4) Name: Diamond Pushups; Time: 30

5) Name: Rest; Time: 60

Or You can prepare a text file "pushups.txt" and place it in "ExtendedTabata" directory on Your SD card.

File content should look like this:

Regular Pushups=60

Hip Pushups=30


Diamond Pushups=45


Every line contains interval name and duration in seconds.

Than use application menu to open that saved cycle.


All my applications are continually developed, so I hope to throw new versions often :)

Work in progress:

【免費運動App】Extended Tabata-APP點子

- automatically save and restore last cycle

- vibration

【免費運動App】Extended Tabata-APP點子

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