Eye On 2014 WorldCup: Football

【免費運動App】Eye On 2014 WorldCup: Football-APP點子

The best football and soccer app for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Fast, Easy, Smooth. With cool features such as a World Cup Alarm Clock.

* Live Scores and a clean timeline for each football / soccer world cup match.

【免費運動App】Eye On 2014 WorldCup: Football-APP點子

* Reminders for your favorite matches

【免費運動App】Eye On 2014 WorldCup: Football-APP點子

* A one-touch Alarm clock to wake up and watch the world cup match in Brazil

【免費運動App】Eye On 2014 WorldCup: Football-APP點子

* View match timings in your local timezone.

【免費運動App】Eye On 2014 WorldCup: Football-APP點子

* Schedule and timeline for the matches.

【免費運動App】Eye On 2014 WorldCup: Football-APP點子

* World cup news. Trending news from hundreds of sources about football / soccer.

【免費運動App】Eye On 2014 WorldCup: Football-APP點子

* Live Facebook and Twitter feeds.

【免費運動App】Eye On 2014 WorldCup: Football-APP點子

* Get Facebook and Twitter posts from the teams, from the players and from the fans.

* Post and share directly from the app - a few clicks and you're done.

* Play our quiz and predictors. Earn badges and share them,

Make sure you support your team at the world football and your favorite players - make them win all the way to the championship - whether you call it 2014 football, 2014 futbol, 2014 world, US soccer team, 2014 Mundial Cup. This is the app that brings you loads of information for FIFA Worldcup World Cup 2014 Brazil Football with news videos, social feeds from twitter, facebook, tumblr, quiz, predictions, votes, polls, for futbol mundial.

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